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Provides regular-expression handling for VB implementing UNIX-style regex syntax
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January 25, 2004

About RegEx.DLL

RegEx.DLL provides some much needed regular-expression handling for VB programmers. The 'clsRegEx' class implements all the common UNIX wildcard characters allowing sophisticated string comparisons and search-and-replace operations to be performed. * The '*' character represents zero or more occurrences of the previous character in the expression:
ab*c matches ac, abc, abbc, abbbbbbbc ... * The '+' character represents one or more occurrences of the previous character in the expression:
ab+c matches abc, abbc, abbbbbbbc but not ac * Numbers within curly brackets represent a specific number of occurrences of the previous character:
a{3} matches aaa a{3,5} matches aaa, aaaa and aaaaa * The '?' character represents zero or one occurrences of the previous character:
a?c matches ac and aac

* The '.' character represents any single character:

a.c matches abc, aXc but not ac or abbcRound brackets can be used to apply multipliers, such as '*' or '+', to groups of characters:
  • Abc)* matches an empty string, abc, abcabc, abcabcabc ...
  • (abc)+ matches abc, abcabc, abcabcabc ... Square brackets can be used to specify possible values for a single character. A hyphen can be used in this context to represent a range of characters. If the first character within the brackets is a '^' then the range is exclusive rather than inclusive (ie. the expression matches any single character not shown):
  • A[bB]c matches abc and aBc
  • a[^0-9]c matches abc and aXc but not a0c ... a9c A '' symbol negates the special meaning of the following character. Only valid if it precedes one of *+?{([])}.
  • A*c matches a*c
  • a[[]]c matches a]c and a[c
  • a\c matches ac
  • abc is not a valid expression
The download includes VB code samples demonstrating how to use the library.This library is still in beta test - it works well for short expressions, but due to the recursive nature of the code longer strings can take a while.

( By Codebox Software - RegEx.DLL Publisher )

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